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Our "JJ" (GP Russmania Jade Jagger) made
"Highest Scoring Cat in Premiership in Show"
in the recent 2013 UFO "Mid-Summer" Champion Cat Show (3 August 2013)
Our "Gandalf" (Sakurasaku Gandalf TG of Russmania) made
"Highest Scoring Kitten in Show"
in the recent 2013 UFO "Mid-Summer" Champion Cat Show (3 August 2013)

Introducing a new boy from Cattery Sakurasaku of Japan which will arrive in March



Sakurasaku Gandalf TG

of Russmania

Sire: (CFA) GC, BW, RW Diamond Dust Manhattan Cafe of Sakurasaku

Dam: (CFA) CH Soleil D'or D'yquem of Sakurasaku

Breeders: Makiko Sakurai, Sakurasaku

Blue mackerel tabby & white male

born 15 December 2012 from Japan

An interview and breed seminar by me

with all the Russmania girls as models!

Have a look of my girls Ferna, Luna, Lucci & Moony during the photo-shoot for the latest issue of the "My Pet" Magazine in Hong Kong.  Also featured in the video is a brief breed presentation by me on the Norwegian Forest Cats (sorry folks, in Cantonese!!!).........

Introducing two new grands in Russmania

from the recent International Division (ID) Championship Cat Show in February 2013

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(亞洲)最佳挪威森林貓 貓舍

GC, DW Russmania Galaxy Garland

Brown classic tabby & white boy born 30 Aug 2011 Sire: GC, DW Sakurasaku Pepelintino of Russmania Dam: CH Sakurasaku Xanadu of Russmania