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About Russmania

Cattery Russmania is registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association, CFA

Hi there, my name is Russell Law and welcome to the official website of Russmania Norwegian Forest Cats.  Here you can find lots of information about my cats, the current breeding as well as the latest show results & achievements of these wonderdul living creatures in my cattery......

While many breeders I know in Hong Kong would say either they were born to love cats or have been all-time cat lovers since their childhood if they were asked to write a bio about themselves, I’m not.  Indeed, as far as I can vaguely remember, I almost seemed to dislike, if not hate, cats when I was a boy, not to mention I never did own one in my childhood.

I grew up as a child in a place and time (70s’ and 80s') where people either raised cats for the sake of specific "functions" (e.g. to get rid of rodents) or simply because they were just too bored – having said that, I was way too remote from the concept of “cat fancy”.  And as a result of the lack of space, humans and cats back then did not have the most harmonious relationship, and my feeling is that they tended to run away from strangers, so never did I really have a chance to get too close, needless to say to pet any cat in my youth.


Cats, to me, are serendipity.  Ever since I went to study in London in the early 90s’, my impression about cats has started to change subtly.  Nevertheless, the real turning point was shortly after the millennium – one day I happened to have spotted a dying kitty on the street and my sympathy had moved me to pick him home.  He died the following day and sadly he didn’t even have a name, but he was my first cat and has marked my first relationship with a feline friend.


I guess the rest of the story is very much stereotyped – I have adopted two domestic longhair cats from SPCA and begun to get really obsessed with them.  Subsequently, it was the CFA which I incidentally came across in a pet magazine that has broadened my knowledge of cats to a new horizon - I have eventually known much more about different breeds from its website.  It was not long before I made up my mind to become a breeder of the marvelous Norwegian Forest Cats and I registered “Russmania” with the CFA back in 2002.

And, the rest is just history......

Russell picking his first-ever "Divisional Winner" (DW) Award - 13th Best Cat in Championship & Best Norwegian Forest Cat in the

2005/06 CFA International Division Awards Banquet in Hong Kong

Russell picking his "Cat of the Year" (Best Cat in Championship) and Spotlight Awards

in the 2006/07 CFA International Division Awards Banquet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Russell picking his "Premier of the Year" (Best Cat in Premiership) Award in the

2007/08 CFA International Awards Division Banquet in Singapore

Russell and his team picking their "Premier of the Year" (Best Cat in Premiership) Award

in the 2010/11 CFA International Division Awards Banquet in Bangkok, Thailand

Russell and his first "Cat of the Year" - Antonio (GC, DW Russmania Antonio Gaudi) winning in great style - a trophy mountain bike with Antonio's portrait painted in the bike frame, during the biggest-ever show in the  International Divison - 450 cats, and a entry gate of more than 40,000 visitors, organised by the Hong Kong Cat Lovers' Society (HKCLS) in 2008

Russell and Suzanne picking their Divisonal Winners (a total of FIVE) in the 2011/12 CFA International Division Awards Banquet in Hong Kong

Russell with the Banquet Committee & all honourable guests / judges in the

2011/12 CFA International Division Awards Banquet in Hong Kong

Russell was the MC of the Awards Banquet on that night

Russell and his team picking their 6th Best Cat in Championship

Divisional Award (also Best Cat in Hong Kong) in the 2011/12

CFA International Division Awards Banquet in Hong Kong

Russell and his show partner Ulrike Knueppel picking their 13th Best Kitten

 Divisional Award (also Best Kitten in Hong Kong) in the 2011/12

CFA International Division Awards Banquet in Hong Kong

All these years I have spent numerous trips showing my cats in the like of Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, the US, Malaysia, Mainland China as well as (and needless to mention) Hong Kong and this is now very much my desire to share with all lovers of this wonderful breed, the Norwegian Forest Cats, in every possible ways - in cat shows, breed seminars, magazine coverage or simply through email chats.  Feel free to read more about my cats, and more importantly, about this breed.  You are always welcome to come drop me a few lines, and I shall be more than happy to answer your questions about the "wegies" as much as I can.

Cordially Yours,

Russell Law

Founder of Cattery Russmania

Norwegian Forest Cats

Spotlight Award Winner & Exhibitor of the Year

2006/07 CFA International Division - Asia & Latin America

Breed Council Member

CFA Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Council

ID Representative /

CFA Mentor Programme Co-ordinator

CFA International Division

Club Secretary & Co-founder

United Feline Odyssey

CFA-affiliated Club in Hong Kong

© 2016 by Russell Law of Cattery Russmania

Norwegian Forest Cats "挪威森林貓"

All rights reserved.


(亞洲)最佳挪威森林貓 貓舍

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