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Breaking News !!!


2016/17 CFA 全球第一挪威森林貓


GC, BWR, NW Russmania Apollo The Archer (Apollo)

has achieved the titles of National Winner and Breed Winner (Region 1-9) and was the 2016/17 CFA BEST Norwegian Forest Cat in the world


Apollo is the first-ever Norwegian Forest Cat from Asia (Hong Kong) that has achieved such highest titles in CFA!!!

2014 CFA "Cattery of Distinction"



Cattery Russmania has been awarded CFA "Cattery Of Distinction" in the end of the CFA 2013/14 show season and is the ONLY Norwegian Forest Cattery with this honour in the whole CFA International Division (Asia) !


Cattery Russmania於2013/14年度CFA賽季獲授CFA "Cattery of Distinction"

(優秀級貓舍大獎).  Cattery Russmania乃是整個CFA"國際分區"(International Division)亞洲組別內唯一贏得此項崇高殊榮之挪威森林貓舍 !



home of the best Norwegian Forest Cats in the CFA International Division (Asia) since 2002



Have a look of my girls Ferna, Luna, Lucci & Moony during the photo-shoot for the latest issue of the "My Pet" Magazine in Hong Kong.  Also featured in the video is a brief breed presentation by me on the Norwegian Forest Cats (sorry folks, in Cantonese!!!).........

Is this a Koi Carp, a Nishikigoi (錦鯉).... or just my baby Heavenly?!

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